Fields of expertise

You can benefit from our extensive experience in translating within many fields of expertise. For each field we have carefully selected expert translators available.

Explanation per field of expertise:

  • Commercial translations

    Even in another language we still ensure that your commercial message is kept. At the same time, you address your foreign target group in the way they are familiar with.

  • Financial translations

    Annual figures, administration reports, financial reviews… Our specialists know exactly how to translate all this to their native language.

  • Legal Translations

    For all your legal translations we have specialists who know everything about law and regulations so they have no problems translating all legal terms correctly for you.

  • Marketing translation

    It is very important that your marketing message perfectly matches the culture of the country. Thanks to our team of native speakers, we can provide you with this.

  • Medical translations

    Our medical specialists will carry out your medical translations without any errors. You just tell us: What do you want to be translated?

  • Proofreading

    By proofreading the translation, we ensure that your text is even better than the original version. All minor flaws will be removed and/or improved.

  • SEO translations

    When you are working on the optimisation of your search engine you want to make sure that the translated website contents are optimised. We determine the correct search words together with you and provide you with the SEO translations.

  • Technical translations

    Our translators have the technical knowledge that is needed, to realise all your technical translations without any errors. You can be sure that your foreign relations are able to understand everything.