Our team is completely tuned in to the following most common translations. We are very proud that we can offer you these translations against very low tariffs. Without any surcharges. We like to make sure that your internal processing is done as easy as possible. Please give us a ring on +44 (0)20 3318 0943 so we can discuss which solution is best for you.

Specialisms of Transferendi:

  • Books

    Whatever the subject of the book, we will translate it perfectly from the first till the last page.

  • Brochures

    The information in your brochures will sound perfect in each language, just as it was meant in your original version.

  • Business plans

    Even in another language your business plan will read like a fantastic opportunity, we will make sure.

  • Catalogues

    Each catalogue deserves a perfect translation for your foreign target groups. Our native speakers can achieve this for you.

  • Manuals

    The user of your product will know exactly in each language what you are trying to tell, thanks to our excellent translated manual by our experts.

  • Annual reports

    We will translate the annual figures, including explanation, just as you want it.

  • Newsletters

    As newsletters are an important way of communication for your organisation, we pay extra attention to ensure the best possible translation.

  • Subtitles

    We will make your videos understandable for your target groups from other countries.

  • Urgent translations

    Speed runs through our veins. Just bring us your urgent translations and we will take care of them.

  • General terms & conditions

    Essential for each business transaction: general terms & conditions in the correct language. Our specialists know how to make the correct conversion for you.

  • Web shops

    Your web shop will be translated perfectly in the target language or your choice, so your foreign customers are more likely to proceed to conversion.

  • Website translations

    Would you like to have your website translated in the languages of your different target groups? We make sure that the same tone is used all the way through, so your organisation is clearly recognisable in each language.